May 22, 2009

Welcome ICLW!

Welcome ICLW! This is my first time experiencing this and I am sooo excited! Sorry I didn't get to comment yesterday. It's been a crazy week. Dad turned 60 and we've been celebrating since Tuesday! Anyway...My husband and I have had a long journey in our trying to conceive journey and I just realized I have never documented our journey. So...Here it is:
08/03-husband and I got married
4/04- Threw out bc pills and said let's see what happens
5/05- told gyno our concerns, told us to wait and see
5/06- expressed more concern and got some testing started
6/06- HSG-normal, blood work normal, everything normal on our part
7/06- husband has low sperm count
8/06- start seeing urologist
10/06- urologist recommends varicocele surgery, start researching
11/06- start seeing a nutritionist to see if that helps and take some time off from IF
1/07- make appointment with first RE, try to sign up for insurance to help w/IVF
3/07- told the only way insurance would work is if we agree to sperm donor, more time off
4/08- start seeing new nutritionist, change diet
9/08- start seeing acupuncturist
12/08- maybe go back to medical doctor to see if anything is working
3/09- new nutritionist and ONLY going for health maintenance
4/09- meet with second RE and waiting for new tests...

So there goes our journey. We are very apprehensive (obviously) with the medical world of infertility. We are trying more natural approaches and are hoping with the testing that we are doing that SOMETHING will have improved. We have strong faith in what we are doing and also an even stronger faith that God will show us which direction to take. The journey is not over...


Mimi said...

Those socks will be coming straight to your house as soon as I get my BFP! No joke, if you want them, they are yours! She told me to pass them on! :)


Phoebe said...

Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm with you on wanting to try the natural approach, but it's not an option with me since my husband had a vasectomy. I'm still doing a lot of the natural stuff though to improve my egg quality. I hope it works out for you and your DH.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the second RE. Hope your baby dreams come true soon.


Anonymous said...

best of luck with the new re. i think i share similar feelings re: medical and natural approaches. we may choose a new re soon and hope to find someone open to a more holistic approach.