May 8, 2009

Take 2...

So we met with RE #2, Dr. B, we'll call her. She is very nice, very knowledgeable and much less pushy then Dr. W... We didn't find anything new out, I didn't think we would since it was our first appointment.

After we told her our story, she said she would come to the same conclusion Dr. W did. However it's been 2 years, she wants new tests and to see for herself. She didn't say it was not possible that Jesse's count could have gone up, she didn't say it was good odds either. I guess we're just in waiting mode until the tests come in.

I'm so hoping that things have improved. Our life has improved in so many ways that could influence this. Jess isn't working near all the hot ovens as he was in the past, no SUPER late hours, more than half the stress, feels better... I could go on and on.

She took my blood work and wants me to get more on day 22 to make sure I'm ovulating and doing that well. So, I guess we're just going to wait and see...Please pray for us that something has improved. IUI would be much cheaper than IVF and I don't know WHEN we'll get the money. I hate insurance companies. Why won't they cover this? Ugh, I'll save that for another post, another day! I'm off for a Euchre fundraiser. See ya!


Dagny said...

I hope you discover lots and lots of spermies!

Fingers and toes crossed for you. IUI would be MUCH better.


Ashley said...

Praying that everything goes well!! Insurance companies are the WORST!! IF has cost me so much...but I know it will be worth it!! Hoping that IUI's work for you:)

Christina said...

I am ALL FOR second opinions. Just had a friend's dad who got a second opinion on a problem that had been plaguing him for months. Turns out from the second opinion that it was LIFE THREATENING and he has been treated and is doing 100% better. I don't know how one human could know it all. Second opinions are good.