May 27, 2009


So, just a warning, this post today is going to be nothing but vain! So, please don't judge. I have naturally curly hair, that I hate I might add, and today I decided with a 60% chance of rain today to not even bother trying to straighten my mop today. However, I was too lazy to rewash my hair and went for a day 2 curly hair do...I tried curling my hole head with a curling iron and much to my dismay, it looked like $#%^! So, after an hour of trying to get my hair to look decent, it went up in a pony.

I wanted to take pictures of me and the kids individually so that I could FINALLY finish their scrapbooks, but no way was I taking pictures with this mop today. I went to my friend this morning (who also has curly hair) to complain and ironically enough, she was sporting a pony too, and complaining about AF's cramps. (lucky for me, mine's not due for another couple days!)

Then to make matters worse, my two friend's with straight hair, and no humidity problems come to my room at lunch with perfectly beautiful, unfrizzed, straight hair! Bitches!

I'm on my way to email my hair dresser and sign myself up for a how the hell do you style this mop lesson?! To sum it all up, Michigan + Humidity = one ugly head of Michelle's hair!

Okay, okay, I'm done! Thanks for listening!


Christina said...

At least yours curls with a purpose. Mine just frizzes out and then curls here and there and bends. Grrr. When I think about it I get mad!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

You better be Glad you don't live in South Mississippi where I'm from:) Because the humidity here is SO BAD!!! AWFUL!!! There are not words!!! This is the worst part of living here for me!!!

My hair isn't curly but the humidity is so bad that it turns my head into a friz I hate it!!! I have my hair pulled up most of the summer... Sigh

Whatever works I
Hope you have a great week..


Meant to be a mom said...

Not just saying this but I see your pic and I love your curly hair. Honestly. Mine looks straight. ITS NOT. Its not pretty curls either its loose fat frizzy hair, you should see me at the lake with all the straight haired girls. There hair is all beautiful and mine looks like a frizzy mess. Did you ever see the episode of friends where Monica's hair frizzes out and she's in the ping pong game? Well if you have that's me after my hair dries on its own but with blond hair. I feel for you I promise I do.

Jamie said...

I feel your pain with the humidity! Ugh.
I've found that the Silky Smooth Moisute Serum by S Factor (a division of TIGI) is a great product. Worth the price. You may end up kind of liking your curls... :o)

Jamie said...

uh,'s moisture serum...anyway, good stuff.