Feb 17, 2013

Decision Made...

I've decided to start a new blog.  With all that's going on in my life, I think I need to start fresh here too.  If people find me, they find me, but I've done my part in protecting those that will say I'm out to bash them.  If you would like to follow my journey, please email me at:  mmproper@yahoo.com or mmcarrav@gmail.com

Thanks for the input.  I look forward to seeing you at my new place!  :0)

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Jan 20, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

Wow!!  It's been quite some time.  I don't know if any of you still "follow" or care about what's going on.  I've got lots to say, but just not sure if I should keep this blog or start a new one.  Please comment me if you are at all interested in what's been going on.  I'll make my decision based on what I find out!  I miss you guys!!  It's been WAY too long!


Jan 24, 2012

New Routine

Tomorrow is D-day...back to work.  So, today I tried a new morning routine (to see how I'd do if I needed sleep!)  I got up at 5am.  Well, actually I got up to Emily's fussing at 3:40ish and couldn't fall back asleep after I gave her her bottle, but I tried my best to rest even though I couldn't sleep.

I hit snooze and tried my best to take as LONG as possible for the test drive.  I did my usual run of 3 miles and I focused on my legs for a little strength training.  I left the gym at 6:10ish and came home to shower and get ready.  I shaved in the shower, to make the shower as long as possible and got ready-hair and make up.  I had all this done by 7:09am!

I'm hoping that this new routine will be something that I can do at least 3 days a week.
It will allow me my work out time, which I need and also teach Emily the importance of taking care of yourself.  I figure from now until she graduates, the afternoons after school and evenings will be busy, so I'm going to try to make my work outs a priority.

The only thing that stinks with my new schedule is I won't have time for my bible time in the morning, but I think this could be a good thing.  I will now have time to read it in the evening with my little girl.  Again, teaching her that bible time is essential.

I'm hopeful this new routine will work.  That way when I leave school to go get my little peanut, we have the whole rest of the afternoon and evening together.  I'm thinking I will try to get up at 5 everyday, but on Wednesdays go to work early.  I used to stay late one day after school, so if I do it in the morning, hopefully I will be the best teacher, but an even more amazing Mom to my precious girl.

I'm not posting this to brag or say that I've got it all figured out, but I'm posting it here so that you can keep me accountable.  I want NEED to work out or I lose it. My sanity, that is!  I'm just hopeful I can adjust to the new sleep pattern.  Emily and I will probably be in bed by 8 together!  :0)