Sep 27, 2010

Dragging Feet

So we are waiting again, story of our lives.  However, I SHOULD be working on a birth mom letter so when the adoption report is done, we can be actively working our way down both paths.  Why then oh why can I NOT get this darn thing started?  I will think of every excuse under the sun to not work on it.  I know once I sit down and actually do it, it will be done, I'll feel great and life will be wonderful.  I just can't get myself to get to it...  Any suggestions?!


Sep 20, 2010


Thank you for all your encouragement and support.  I honestly don't know how ANYONE does this without the blogger world.  You guys are honestly the best support system and friend ever!

The interviews were a piece of cake.  I was a little annoyed because as some of you might recall, over the summer I stressed and stressed, oh and stressed a little more about the damn questionnaire we had to answer.  Well over half of the questions, she "touched" on a little more.  Then she asked a lot of questions about my parents and what they did as their careers.  I know what they do now, but I just know where they worked while I was growing up, I don't know what their responsibilities were.  I'm sure it's fine!  It was just LONG!  1 1/2 hours. 

But, she told me to give her 3-4 weeks and she'll have the report done.  She said typically she gets them done sooner, about 2 weeks, but plan on 3-4.  After that, as long as we have our birth mom letter done and our profile book, we're all set with domestic.

As for embryo, the lady had me ecstatic last week.  I called after Jesse's appointment to give her the low-down.  She told me that as soon as Dawn is done with our adoption report to send it to her.  From there we will have a phone conference to discuss our preferences.  After that, she will send us a "formal" application and we, of course, will send in a check.  From there we should get our matching profiles and things should be rolling.  I'm hoping by Thanksgiving, but planning for Christmas.  Either way...YAY!!  She also told me they have many more donors than recipients.  I'm so excited. 

I'm hoping by the middle of October, we should have both of our paths moving.  Whichever one lands us to the baby God has been preparing us for, I'm 100% okay with. 

Friends keep telling me, I can't believe it's finally happening.  I know!  I can't believe I'm not just talking about it, but things are actually moving...and moving FORWARD! 

I'm not going to lie.  My birthday was yesterday and it was much harder to turn 3-1!  I kept thinking about where I had always imagined myself at 31 and where I'm not.  At church yesterday, on my actual birthday, they talked about worrying and trusting in God while you wait.  I know that God has a plan and although I don't really understand why people have to go through all this heartache and pain, but I know the day that baby comes home to us, all this will not matter anymore.  It was all meant to be when we have our precious baby here at home with us.  So, I'm trying to not look at 31 in what it's not,  but instead look at it for what's to come.

Sep 13, 2010

Getting Anxious

I'm so excited.  Tomorrow is my individual meeting with Dawn, our adoption worker.  I don't know what to expect, but I am just so anxious to get this going.  Jesse's meeting is Wednesday.  I'll probably work on the Dear Birthmom letter some time this week and then get going on the profile book.  I feel like this is a dream.  I feel like it's all finally coming in to place.  I'm beyond excited!!!  I can't wait!!!!!


Sep 12, 2010

Okay...Here's the NEW video

Okay.  So as I was looking at it today, I realized I had a picture labeled Michelle's family, but it was missing my sister!  DOH!  That was bad!  And the pictures I wanted to add of one of my bestest friends ever were still sitting on my desktop.  I don't know how people sit in front of a computer all day and are productive.  We saw how many mistakes I made doing that.  Hopefully this one has everyone, but I'm sure I'll be making a few more changes before Bethany gets their hands on it! :)



Oops!  Yes, the video would be something that the birthmother could look at.  Another type of "portfolio."  Bethany recommends doing one like this because the birthmothers are so young (typically) it is a form of media they are used to.

Thanks for the comments, you guys are the best!  I can't watch the video without crying.  When Jess got home from work tonight, he watched it.  He was crying too.  The song is actually our wedding song.  I thought it was perfect for this as well!  Love you guys.  Now I'm off to sleepy!  Night, night!


Sep 11, 2010

Let Me Know What You Think...

So, I've been busy all day working on this. Let me know what you think. I'm not sure if I should keep the captions or not?!

As for the home study...Thanks for all your support! You are the best!! It was such a breeze. It lasted for an hour at the most. They came shortly after 6. They asked us some questions about our answers from our HUGE packet. Then we answered more questions about the neighborhood, community, etc. They went on a quick "tour" of the house. They gave us paperwork. We set up our next appointments for Tues and Wed of next week. After that is done, in a bout 3-4 weeks, they will compile a written report. We will have to get our Dear Birthmother letter ready and some other things. As long as that is all complete, by the end of the 4 weeks, we could be a "family in waiting!" Thanks for all your support, you guys mean the world to us!! We love you so much!!


Sep 8, 2010

T Minus...

15 minutes!!!! I'm so excited, anxious, and a little nervous! Thank you for all your help and support. We got ourselves a fire extinguisher for the kitchen. Turns out we already had a carbon monoxide detector in the house and the smoke alarms are all working. I'm so anxious for this to be over. I can't wait. Thank you for everything. You guys are the best! I'll let you know what happens. To be continued...


Sep 3, 2010


Before I begin, my cousin pointed out to me yesterday that it was an iconic date. One that will never happen again, at least not in my lifetime...Yesterday was "90210" day!! :0) Too funny!!

Okay, now on to the more important stuff!! I went to the agency today to look through some profile books. It was so much fun, and I am going to get started on that ASAP! While I was there Annette told me she still wasn't sure what was going on with our adoption worker. I took the initiative and called Grand Rapids (that's where they handle all of Bethany's embryo adoptions) and told her that Debbie (our nice embryo lady there) told me that our home study is to be done as a Domestic Infant adoption. They would accept that home study. She then said she'd have to talk with Dawn, the head of the adoption workers.

A short time lady, Dawn, (she was there when Jesse and I went through the adoption seminar and I had spoken to various times about questions I had) came up to me to tell me that she will be our adoption worker. I am so excited because she has been so helpful and nice. She even mentioned, she knew what a whirlwind everything has been for Jess and I. Then she continued to tell me that she wanted to set up the home visit for this week. So...on Wednesday, she will be coming. I am a little confused because I thought there were meetings with me individually, Jesse individually, us together and then the home visit?! I guess we'll find out.

So, now for all of you who have done the home visit. What should I expect? I am cleaning the house top to bottom today due to everyone coming over tomorrow for an end of summer party. And I plan to clean the floors on Sunday or Monday after everyone leaves. DO I need to go as far as organize closets and things like that? You know things I have been putting off and putting off?!?!

I'm so darn geeked!!! Say some prayers and those of you who have done the home visit, HELP!? I don't know what to expect!!!

Sep 2, 2010


Since I had to go back to work this week, I was on a buzz of organizing and getting everything I wanted to get done all summer done in a few short days. I cleaned up the computer room and found my stash of fertility books. I don't know what to do with them?! I don't want to hold on to them, yet I'm not sure where to donate them. Any suggestions?