May 27, 2009

Confused...PLEASE HELP!

I've been charting BBT and always thought that ovulation occurred when my temperature went up or spike .5 or more degrees. I was reading another site and it said ovulation was when it dropped. Can you guys help clarify? I'm a little confused.

Good night, I'm going to watch the rest of the Wings game. So far 2 periods and no score. Hopefully they'll kick some Blackhawk butt and end this series! :) See you tomorrow!


Best When Used By said...

Hi Michelle. The various websites I researched suggest that 1-2 days PRIOR to ovulation (boom boom time!) your BBT drops. AFTER ovulation (too late for boom boom) your BBT rises. Re-check the sites you looked at and see if that jives. Good luck!


Amber said...

You ovulate the day before your temp rises