May 25, 2009

A Couple Things...

So I found a blog earlier this week on ICLW where this poor girl started her day by running over a squirrel! Horrible, I know. So, I had to go get b/w takin yesterday morning EARLY! I got there and there was a slew of people there. However, this doc's office runs smoothly. So, after about 5 minutes, maybe 10, they call me back for my b/w.

On the way home, I am driving down a 6 lane highway divided by a median (Metro Pkway, 16 mile for Michiganders) and low and behold a kamikaze squirrel darted across the highway. Seeing as though it was 7:30 on a Sunday, there was no one out there, so I hit the brakes and allowed this little guy through. The entire time I was laughing though because of this other girl's blog! (I tried searching to find that post, but can't remember who it was, so if anyone knows who I'm talking about, send me her blog PLEASE!)

Yesterday we had my dad's SURPRISE 60th bday at our house. It was a huge success. He was shocked and everyone had a good time. Keeping that surprise from my dad was so unbelievably HARD. I never realized that I don't keep secrets from my dad. I told him I hope he enjoyed it because I can't keep anything like that from him again!! :)

Today we have a little mess to clean up and then I'm going to my parents to see my bro one more time before he leaves back for school. Overall it was a great weekend and I don't want to go back to work. But, then again, I only have 12 1/2 days left!! YEY!!! :)

Oh yea, and my b/w came back great!! :) YEY!!

I found her, check out the original squirrel story Too funny!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

the squirrel thing was too funny:) sounds like your doing well..
Praying for you!!


Jaymee said...

i stop for squirrels too.

glad you are having a good weekend, and that the party was a success.


Ashley said...

Glad you had a good weekend and your b/w came back good!! Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I think that would be me! (the girl you were referring too) I'm glad your squirrel met a better fate than mine!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm so glad you missed the squirril. These animals are everywhere trying to commit squirril suicide or something.
Yay about your B/W. Thats great and Happy b-day to your dad! Hope you have a great memorial day.

Missy said...

That is funny and I can relate. My hubby has this odd fascination with all things rodents. Whenever we see a squirrel by the road he has to slow down in case it darts into the road.


Stefanie said...

Great to see you had a good weekend.

~Stopping by for ICLW~

Amber said...

thanks for sharing I stop for squirrels too they are so cute:) Glad to hear you had a good weekend