Feb 27, 2010

Big Winnings and Frustration!

Sorry it took me so long to post this. The last week has been CRAZY! Well, we actually got to pick out the furniture we wanted. The furniture store was having this amazing package deal for living room sets with tvs and game systems. So, we decided to get a living room package. We got a sofa, love-seat, 3 end tables, 2 lamps, a rug and a tv. The game system that was supposed to come with it was a PS3, but while we were there one of the signs said your choice of a PS3, XBox 360 or a WII!!! I was soooo excited when the lady told me, "yeah, of course, you can have a wii, if you want!!!" WOOO HOOO! I swear I was more excited over the wii more than anything else. (Although Peanut is deathly afraid of the damn thing! It's hilarious!)

So, it all got delivered last week. However, the sofa wouldn't fit downstairs where we wanted it, so they without question, let me trade it in for another love-seat. We're hoping in the next few months to get the downstairs set up as another tv area. When we have people over now, it gets a little crowded in front of the tv, so we're excited to get it all set up downstairs. It was quite an interesting week! I still don't have any info about the Oprah tickets yet, but I just sent the lady an email! I'll let you know what I find out!

We have made a HUGE decision on the baby front. We have decided to do the embryo adoption. We have begun to get all our things in order, however, there are a few questions I have about some of the paperwork and I have called the guy 3 times, but haven't heard anything. It's so frustrating to me because now that we have come to this decision, I want to start charging full steam ahead, but we are stuck at this point until we get some things answered. I hope that he'll get back to me soon!!!! UGH!

I was also pretty bummed about Sock It To Me week. This was my first time participating and I spent the whole time finding cute socks for my buddy, but I still have not gotten my socks yet. I keep running out to the mail box like a kid rushing to the tree on Christmas, only to find...NOTHING! I hope I get my socks soon!!! :(

Feb 16, 2010

Wowie, Wow, WOW!

Holy goodness ladies. Last Monday, Jesse and I went to pay our bill for the furniture we bought last January. While we were there, they had a contest raffle for people who would vow to make their car a NO PHONE ZONE. I had watched the Oprah episode where they discussed the dangers of talking and texting while driving. This show hit a nerve, so I was happy to sign up and even more happy to find out. I WON! Watch this!

Here's a link, if the video won't play! :)
http://www.wxyz. com/news/ local/story/ Distracted- Driving-Awarenes s/5N7PeQsxgkyKmy KJB2fJsg. cspx?articleID= 26260

Feb 10, 2010

Miracle or Hoax?!?

So, I was happily enjoying my snow day playing Bejeweled Blitz on FB when this ad in the corner kept calling my attention. It had a picture of a pregnant belly and it said something about infertility in your 30's and 40's NO MORE! I kept trying to ignore it and hoping that with each new game the ad would go away. No such luck. That stupid ad sat there and tormented me until I finally clicked the dumb link.

I was brought to a page by Lisa Olson. She supposedly suffered from infertility for a LONG time and discovered some holistic ways to "heal" infertility. She claims that if you buy her program, (Pregn.ancy Mir.acle) you will be pregnant naturally and holistically.

Now, I'm not usually an infomercial kind of gal, but something in this was appealing to me. Some of the stuff on this site were things that I have been learning from the different holistic doctors we had seen. All the chemicals and toxins we take in have an effect on our infertility. So, I'm wondering should I try it or is it a hoax? The site says you will get your money back if you're not satisfied. But it all seems too good to be true! I mean, really, you can fix this battle of infertility we've been struggling with for 6 years?! But something keeps telling me, try it! Am I crazy? Have you girls heard of this? HELP!

Feb 7, 2010

I LOVE Awards!!!

Yay! Thanks to Courtney for this wonderful award. I'm so honored!!!

Here are the rules for the award:

~Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

~Copy the award and paste it to your blog.

~Tell us 7 interesting facts about yourself.

~Nominate 7 bloggers that you love and link to their blog.

Let's see...

1. I am an MTV junkie and have been since I was about 7! I'm getting a little better, but one of my dream jobs growing up would have been to be an MTV V-jay! Wouldn't that be cool.

2. When I was in 6th grade, I auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club. I loved that show and sooo wanted to be one of the kids on that show.

3. I often sing dumb songs to my students when they don't listen. My favorite is, "Put Your Pencils Down." One of my kids told me that I sounded like an angel from above. Puh-lease, that kid's a butt-kiss!! :)

4. I'm 100% afraid of the dark. Not just the darkness, but nighttime too. I have this weird belief that bad things only happen at night. I'm getting better where I don't need to have every single light on in the house, but EVERY window is shut and doors are locked and then double checked. And pumping gas after the sun goes down...JESSSSSSSS!

5. I married my husband because of his resemblance to Dave Matthews. Not really, but when we were dating (and Jess had a lot more hair, sorry hun!) they really did look a lot alike. I still have a huge flutter in my heart when I see good ol' DMB!

6. I have over 30 cousins on my dad's side. He is the second oldest of 12 children. I wanted to have a huge family like my dad's family. I love the loudness, closeness and craziness of the huge family.

7. We started going to a new church almost a year ago and I finally feel like I have a genuine relationship with God. I am in love with our new church and want to scream it from the rooftops!

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Feb 2, 2010

Waiting on Some Paperwork

So the other night Jess and I got into a little bit of a heated discussion. He wanted to see our paperwork from the doctor. I didn't understand why, but found the paperwork. (That's a funny side story---He said he searched and searched and searched the filing cabinet. Each time he called me to ask me where it was I directed him to where it was. He couldn't find it. Low and behold, I came home, marched up to the computer room and had it in my hands in about 2 minutes! MEN!)

Anywho... I got the paperwork, he looked at it and said he wanted to see the paperwork on donor sperm. What? REWIND? What the hell did that boy just say? Yep, he said he wanted to see paperwork on donor sperm. You know, the procedure we had decided wasn't in our cards. I was so hurt that he was opening that door. It took me a long time and a lot of work with our counselor to close that door. In fact, when he said it I shouted (in the restaurant) "STOP OPENING DOORS I HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO CLOSE!" I would've loved to have been a nearby table, they were probably thinking, "get a grip chick!"

Well, after we talked about it, he said he wants to know all there is to know about donor sperm because with embryo adoption, there is a lot of references to donor sperm since the process leading up to it, is very similar. He said he wants to know ALL the info before we make our decision.

I was okay with this justification and reasoning. SO, I called the doctor today and she's sending us the info for donor sperm, as well as, the FET protocol so we know all that will be expected.

We are still leaning to embryo adoption. It totally seems like the best of both worlds for us. I'm hopeful this will work out for us and I'm even more hopeful the paperwork will be in the mailbox when I get home tomorrow so that we can start taking a few more steps!