Mar 5, 2011


I'm on my soapbox right now...I'm just sayin...

I have watched One Tree Hill for most of my marriage.  I don't think I watched officially when it started, but after I lost my "Friends," and 90210 cast mates, I searched and searched for a new sitcom and drama show.  Low and behold, I found One Tree Hill.  A great 90210 replacement at the time.

This show has always made me laugh with it's unrealistic, or hard to imagine (should I say?) story lines.  For those of you who don't watch, let me give you a low down of some of the things that have happened to the characters on the show:
*A couple married and pregnant in high school AND living on their own
*One character shoots and kills his brother
*One character has parents that never are home and basically lives on her own
*Car goes off a bridge into the river
*One character almost dies giving birth
*Crazy babysitter steals boy at wedding
*Dad is drugged by above crazy babysitter
*One character makes it to the NBA
*An crazy girl comes in and shoots a couple in their home
Although I know a lot of these story lines CAN really happen, the way they portray them and ALL of them happening in this small little town are just a little far-fetched.

Throughout all the drama, I continue to watch week after week and even sucked my husband into watching this show with me.  I LOVE the show.  Craziness and all.

A few weeks ago though, something struck a cord with me.  One of the characters has been told that she will never be able to have a child.  She recently got married on the show and on the Valentine's Day episode, her new husband told her that he wanted to adopt so they could have a baby.  I loved this!  Finally a situation I could relate to.  I imagined in that moment being able to relate to the craziness of the home study, the waiting, and all the trials that will happen as they go through the process.

That was entirely short-lived.  The VERY next week, they received a call that they were chosen as a prospective couple for an infant adoption.  I turned the tv off.  I was so upset that they would make the adoption process look so insanely quick and easy!  One week they say they want to adopt, the next they are meeting with a pregnant mom to be.  I had a hard time with this one.  I had hoped that they would at least try to make this situation a little more relatable and realistic. 

I did watch the episode and it was okay, but I was just disappointed.  I have said for awhile that I wish there was a show that would help adoptive couples see the process and show those not going through it the struggles, the ups and the downs, and all the moments in between that an adoptive couple goes through along the journey.

I know that it is a show.  I know that it has a LONG history of some far off story lines, but I was so hopeful that this story line would be a little more realistic.  I will continue to watch the show.  I just wanted a minute to express my, I don't know, irritation with how Hollywood makes adoption look so easy and quick!



Jess said...

UGH!! I hate when TV shows do this! King of Queens did this. They filled out the paperwork to adopt from Chine and within a month they got the call about a baby. And to make it even worse they found out Carrie was pregnant while in Chine picking up the baby. No wonder people in real life have such a "just adopt" attitude, like it is easy.

Kelli said...

No joke! It seems like so many more tv shows and movies are adding an infertility or adoption storyline, but it is never realistic. I'm interested to see what happens with Meredith on Greys Anatomy.

Meant to be a mom said...

I watch that show also every single week. I saw this episode your talking about and I even looked at my husband and said "What? in one week... Really? Come on, that is so not how it is". Your so right, Its unrealistic and fakey to make everything end so happily and joyfully. I love OTH but at the same time its annoyingly corny and unreal to a point that can be quite annoying.
I agree with you completely.

By the way, I got my husband into it also. We watch every week together.