Mar 25, 2011

Fingers Crossed!

We have been seeing our nutrition doctor since September.  Jesse went in November to give a sample to see if what we had been doing was working.  To my amazement, his count went up.  However, the morphology was not good.  He told Jesse to continue with the supplements he was on and then gave him testosterone to improve the morphology.  That was December.

Jesse goes today to leave another sample to see if what we've been doing will improve the results.  I'm so nervous.  I was such a brat to him yesterday and then I realized why and called him to apologize.

I don't know why I'm nervous.  We're already in the adoption process.  However, to my knowledge, we aren't on the radar for a baby anytime soon.  I want the results to improve.  I want for something to finally happen.

I'm not scared because I know it's all in God's hands, but I just have it going on in the back of my mind.  Please pray for me today to find the peace and also pray for our journey to be fulfilled in God's will.  With those prayers, I know that things will go according to His plan and not mine!


Ashley said...

I'm praying for you!!

Stacey said...

Praying for both you and Jesse today!