Mar 8, 2011

Come ON!

For those of you who live in the Midwest, we have had one heck of a winter that still continues to pound at us.  My theory on winter and the cold is if it's going to be cold, might as well have the pretty snow.  But let me tell you, I'm really getting sick of the snow!!

But there's good news...We live on a pond and the ducks are back.  Eight of them this year and I have and heard more birds flying through the air.  I even watched one bird make a nest in our evergreen in the backyard.

Although the ground is still covered with snow and ice, there are small signs of spring!!  Come on spring, you can do it!!


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amy (metz) walker said...

My BFF lives in Ohio and she is always happy when the ducks show up, too. She says it means winter is almost over!