Feb 23, 2009

So now what?

So, I went to the gyno last week and told him our scoop. He said he would be glad to offer some recommendations for some doctors after I find out what insurance covers. Well, that wasn't too hard. My insurance, teacher insurance, the insurance that is supposed to be o' so good insurance COVERS NOTHING! Well, I shouldn't say nothing. It covers testing and medication up until I need insemination or IVF. Just dandy! So, I then asked for a list of doctors and still am not sure I have the right ones. I'll have to call one more time to be sure. The good thing is they will cover our second opinion. Someone told me once infertility usually has a time limit, but luckily for us that's not the case.

So, I have a few doctors that my gyno recommended and I'm going to start calling. Hopefully to set something up over Spring Break. I would love to hear of any other doctors that anyone might have, so if you know any great REs, please let me know!

I'm just so mad that insurance covers NOTHING. It's not like I made this happen. It's an illness. Would insurance deny someone with diabetes insulin? No, so why are they denying us. We didn't ask for this "diagnosis." I'm really wanting to do something about this. Insurance needs to change. Any help figuring that one out would be much appreciated! Maybe I'll email Oprah!! :)


Christina said...

I'm totally surprised about this too! I thought teacher insurance is the premier health insurance. You guys deserve it because you work so hard and can't possibly be compensated enough! Let us know how your search goes!

Dagny said...

That is totally UNFAIR.

Good luck with the search.