Feb 18, 2009

Oh where oh where??

So, I don't want to get super personal, but I am. So, if you don't like hearing these things, stop reading right now!!

Well, today is day 15. Great right, mid-cycle, ovulation, lots of sex, right? WRONG! Well, we're having sex, but NO OVULATION! I have the fertility monitor and have been using it since my birthday, so 5 months I've been using this damn thing and every month day 13 BAM! It's time. Full headed ovulation. This month, day 13= nothing, day 14= nothing, day 15= NOTHING! Now, I know that ovulation varies, but seriously, for the last 5 months, day 13 has been it. I think once it was late, day 15, but that was once. I'm starting to get nervous that I'm not going to ovulate this month. What the hell?

I'm going to the gyno today. YEY! It's that time of year. SO, I'll ask him what the deal is, but I know he's going to say, ovulation varies, blah, blah, blah. I'm so annoyed and frustrated. Seriously, where are you little egg?


Mimi said...

You're waiting for your egg, I'm waiting for AF. What is going on this month?? Good luck honey!!


Christina said...

Weird! My cycle was screwed up too this month..