Jan 15, 2011

GOT IT! & Adoption Question

Yippee!!  I found the darn binder!  I must have brought it in to school and put it on the floor.  It was under my table!  What a relief!  My friend looked up how much the darn kit was...$365.  THANK GOODNESS I FOUND IT!!  Phew!  What a relief!

I finally took the Christmas tree down and the house is finally all back to normal.  I love Christmas, but I do love getting my house back to normal. 

Jesse is on his way home from work, we're going to have game night tonight.  We were going to go to a comedy show, but we decided since it's supposed to snow again tonight, it'll just be the two of us at home.  We might go to the show or something tomorrow since I don't have to work on Monday.

I have a question for all my adoption friends... Is there any adoption sites, blogs or forums that you belong to that you recommend?  Let me know.

Thanks to all of you for your help with the gluten.  I think this might do it.  We do so much already, it would just be a little more.  A friend is letting me borrow a book.  I'll keep you updated!


Ashley said...

I like the Stepping Stones forum...the website is:

Amber said...

I'm working on getting our Christmas tree down, too. Like you, I wait excitedly for Christmas all year, but come mid-January, I'm ready to be done with it! Hehe!

Here is a great list of blogs by Stirrup Queens. They maintain a bunch of different lists - this one is donor egg/donor embryo/surrogate related blogs. Bloggers are such wonderful support!