Jan 11, 2011


Okay, to many of you this will seem TOTALLY petty.  But I need some help.  I went to tutor on Thursday and I brought my two bags and my huge reading testing binder.  When I was leaving, I contemplated going to the bathroom or just holding it.  Of course I couldn't hold it.  So, I put my binder on the table at the library, my 2 book bags next to them, did my business and left. 

Fast forward to today.  With report cards coming up, I needed to retest some of my kids to see what level they are reading at.  Couldn't find my binder, so I borrowed it from a teaching partner.  I had just left it in my car.  So, I get home and go to get the binder out and low and behold it's NOT THERE!!

I'm totally freaking out.  This binder is like the holy grail in teaching and I don't know how much trouble I will be in if I lost it.  The more I thought about it, the more I don't know if I ever picked it up after my bathroom visit.  I also know that Friday we had treats and I had my hands full of bags and don't remember bringing the binder in.

I called the library to see if it was there and of course she had no idea and said that where I said I put it, was where the FREE book section is.  So, what I'm asking, as petty as it is, is to please say a small prayer that I find this darn binder.  I am so nervous to tell my new principal that I lost the damn thing!  UGH!!!



Christina said...

I'm sorry! How stressful!! I hope that it turns up somewhere!!

Megan said...

Oh no!! Prayers that you find it!!