Aug 1, 2011


This weekend was a tough one for me.  I found out one of my younger cousins and his wife just found they were pregnant and I wanted to throw a pity party.  I was just so upset that we can't do that!  It's so frustrating.  Then my uncle is posting all these notes on facebook about being excited.  It's not that I'm not happy for them, it's just I was sad for us!  This sucks!

I was upset and talked to Jess about it.  Of course, he tried to change the prospective and that made me feel better.  But, I didn't feel better til I was out on my run today.  There is nothing like running for me.  It's such a parallel of the "race" we're running with our journey for our baby.

I think, by now, you guys all know how much music inspires me and moves me.  Well, towards the end of the run today, one of my most favorite songs came on.  Stand, by Rascal Flatts!  It's so inspiring..."On your knees you look up, decide you've had enough."  To me that's the best part of the song!  God is always there!



Ashley said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend. Wouldn't it be awesome to just "accidentally" get pregnant?? Oh well, God has bigger and better plans for you!

Ellie said...

I'm sorry. I know how you feel. We had our diagnosis meeting yesterday with our doctor and today my friend announced they were pregnant with a second unexpected baby. :( It totally sucks and made me decide to start a blog to vent. Thanks for making me feel not so much alone!


Browniris said...

I also love this is so encouraging when you are going through a hard time. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about running. It has been one of my favorite ways to clear my head/calm down when I am going through a rough time. Hang in there!

Britney said...

I know it doesn't seem like it now, but there WILL be a time when hearing "I'm pregnant" will not ignite a huge wave of devastation in your heart. It will still always probably sting (I can say that even after being pregnant), but the pain of it does subside. I cannot wait to "meet" the baby God has for you!