Apr 19, 2009


To become foster parents, yes or no??? At church for the first few times we went, there was an ad that families are needed to be foster parents. This called to me and I tried to ignore it. Then the ad stopped appearing in the newsletter and I thought that to be a sign from God saying, "no, it's not for you." I kept praying for an answer, a clear answer. So, on Easter Sunday, low and behold, the ad was back.

I talked to Jess about it and told him that I think God is telling me this is what He's asking us to do right now. He said he needed more time, as I did too. This is terrifying!!! However, yesterday, I was showing Jess another infertility blog that I found and he said, "that's weird you showed me that today. I was going to tell you to get some info about the fostering thing this week."

I about fell to the floor. As much as this excites me. It scares the hell out of me. I know we would be awesome parents whatever way God brings kids into our lives, but this is scary... I know us, when I call for info tomorrow, it will more than likely follow through with another call that says, "Sign us up."

As much as this scares me, I know this is what we need. It will help me to deal with waiting for us to save the money needed for the procedures that we will have to endure to have our own biological baby. I'm trying to be super positive too and hoping that when we start with our new RE on the 7th, she will tell us that an IUI would be an option for us. I guess we'll just wait and see and I'll let you know what happens when I call the lady tomorrow! YIKES!!!


Ashley said...

I'm sending good luck vibes your way...whatever you decide;) I would love to do that...I would just be sooo scared that I would get attached to the baby and then have it taken away. Whichever way God leads you...take that path!!

Dagny said...

I have thought a lot about that myself.

Good luck, and of course any kid would be lucky to spend time with you guys. :)


just me said...

I think it sounds like an important thing to pursue....who knows what it will lead to. praying you get the direction you need.

Christina said...

Oh wow! How exciting! I would be so nervous too but try to focus on the rewarding part of it. You could make a huge difference in a child's life. Keeping fingers crossed for IUI.