Apr 1, 2009

New outlook

So, my lovely "friend" stopped by for a week long visit yesterday and I wasn't sad. No siree! I read this acupuncture book about different things we can do: diet, acupoints, massages, etc. Well, normally for a week leading up to Aunt Flo, you can't come within 5 feet of the "girls" or I'm crying in pain. Normally the day she visits equals uncontrollably horrible cramps. Well, I'm happy to report neither of these horrible thing happened to me this month! YEY!! Boobs didn't hurt, and not even the slightest crampola!

I am not looking at my monthly visitor as a pain, instead I am looking at it as a blessing. Some women aren't as fortunate as I am. I have a regular period and I'm doing things that have erased some of my horrible symptoms. Things could be worse, but I'm not thinking of it. I'm only looking at the bright side.

We got a referral for a RE that my aunt visited and had success with. We have our first appointment for our second opinion for May 7th! Things are getting better. Slowly but surely. I have hope. I KNOW it will happen for us. It's in His hands now. I'm relaxing and enjoying the ride!


Christina said...

Can I do acupuncture to eliminate my short temper the week before "she" visits?

Mimi said...

It WILL happen!!! You are so amazing. God is going to bless you ten fold!