Apr 14, 2009

Feeling Better

Our Easter was lovely. We went to church with my mother in law and sis in law. They don't do church, so it was nice to have them there with us. It was nice. We went over there later on, had dinner and played some Euchre and relaxed.

I've been a tad bit crabby lately. I'm not too sure why. I had some drama with my sister and a friend, but that's a LONG story and I really don't feel like getting into that right now, maybe later. Jesse told me the awesome news that his old "partners" gave us one more parting gift. Not only did they take all the money Jesse invested into the partnership without offering an ounce, they filled out the tax forms so that we couldn't even write off the loss. They are such crooks and I have to believe that karma will get them. It's just so frustrating. I'm just amazed how some people can live with themselves when all they use their lives for is badness~!! UGH!

I don't know why I've been so crabby. I guess I am starting to freak out about our next appointment with our new RE for a second opinion. I am hoping for so much with this appointment. I am hoping that all our "natural" approaches have made some improvements. I would love to hear her say that an IUI would be doable as opposed to the dreaded IVF with all the drugs and MONEY that we don't' have. Wouldn't that be fabulous.

I am trying, with all my might, to keep a positive outlook and not be so glum. The appointment isn't until May 7, so I've got some time. Just trying to start the warm and fuzzy wonderful thoughts early. It couldn't hurt, right??


Christina said...

Oh no! Drama with you little sis?? I can't believe how greedy Jesse's x-business partners are!!! That is just wrong and I'm so sorry. You're right, karma will come back to bite them in the butt. I"m keeping you guys in my T&P for the next appt. Just keep focusing on moving forward and small steps! I can't wait to take your maternity pictures!!!

Jamie said...

Hi Michelle! I'm glad to have found your blog. I watched the video you posted a link to. Wow. That certainly puts the kind of day I've had into perspective. :o)
I'm so sorry to read that you're still battling infertility. I'm praying for you and Jesse.