Aug 24, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm!

My husband has been listening to Tony Dungy's program on the Christian radio station on his way home from work. He asked me to get his book from the library for him. Of course there were two books to choose from, and I didn't know which one Jess wanted, so I checked out both. It turns out he wanted to read his book entitled, Uncommon. I started reading the other book Quiet Strength, more of a biography of his life.

This man is quite an inspirational man and I highly recommend reading Quiet Strength and getting Uncommon for your husbands. Uncommon is a book for men to show them how to be "uncommon" in today's society and be the best man and Christian God intended us to be.

On to my point...I was skimming through uncommon and there was a quote in there that got me to thinking. The quote is "Don't think you're on the right road just because it's a well-beaten path." ~Author Unknown

I feel as though this is God "speaking" to me through this quote. So many times when we were wondering what path we would take to begin our family, I felt I was being pressured to do what majority of people were doing. Although, I kept feeling God's quiet whisper telling me to adopt. I knew I didn't want to do anything in way of IVF for a few reasons...1) Our chances were so low, and it was such a HUGE financial burden, I couldn't risk everything for such a low percentage. 2) All those medications, shots and drugs scared the living daylights out of me. We had worked so hard to get ourselves "clean" through natural approaches, I didn't want to mess my body up with all that stuff. (I'm not saying I don't agree with IVF, it just didn't seem right for us.) I know that embryo adoption will require some medication to assist with the medical process, but according to our doctor, it would be a lot less. I am comfortable with the medication I will have to take in order to do this.

After learning about embryo adoption, I was scared too. It was so new and in a way I felt like I was cheating by wanting to take that path. I had a hard time coming to realize that embryo adoption is ADOPTION. We will be adopting a snowbaby and also (hopefully) be given the opportunity to bond with our baby from the VERY beginning.

This quote helped to realize some people may not understand our choice. They felt we were "giving up" or we were doing what they seemed odd. I learned that the only choice that matters is the one that we have prayed on and feel right with God. Embryo adoption is new, but it is a path that Jesse and I can help pave the way for other people. I am excited to start this journey and I am in love with this quote. I can't wait to see where this un-beaten path will lead!!!


Kristin said...

I absolutely love that quote from Uncommon. Absolutely brilliant!

And, learning to listen when God is whispering to you is so important. I always found that those messages get louder and louder if I don't pay close enough attention to them.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your embryo adoption. I have a friend who finally had her baby that way.

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Megan said...

That is a GREAT quote!

I had the same thoughts about EA. It's the best of both worlds. You're adopting but you also get the chance to be pregnant.

I wish my hub liked to read. There's so many books I'd throw his way. LOL

Daisy83808 (Lex) said...

I love that quote too. I JUST posted on my blog that "not common" seems to be a theme in our life. And then I read your post. We'll have to check out those books.

Tina said...

Great quote! Congratulations on your decision to pursue embryo adoption. I'll be following along and praying that you bring home your BFM!

Happy ICLW

Meant to be a mom said...

I love this post. What a great quote you found. I think your right. God has his ways of speaking to us in every day life. That may have been his way of inspiring you and letting you know that you made the right choice for you and he will take care of you and make sure you have your family and kids of your own in your future. Your embryo will be your amazing beautiful child and God is already working on them up in heaven. He knows the plans he has for you.

Great post! :)

Grace said...

great quote, great perspective :) as ugly as i was at times throughout our IF journey, i knew in my head and heart that God knew what He was doing...and as we wait for our little one to come home (we are adopting from korea), we can't wait to see His plan for us fulfilled!

happy iclw! #54