Jul 16, 2010

ARGH!!!! ($^*&!

So, I have been doing this training in Detroit this week and last. The company I'm working for is paying pretty good money and it has relieved a huge strain of where some of the money is going to come from for the adoption.

So, I went 3 Fridays ago to get my new Social Security card. I never received it and on Monday I stopped by the office to find out what is going on. Well, it turns out there was a "glitch" in the system and they NEVER SENT IT!! I'm still waiting for the new one to come. It SHOULD be at home waiting for me today, if not, guess who's getting a call from me on MOnday and let me tell you, I WON'T BE HAPPY!!!

To make matters worse, I did my fingerprints a few weeks back. You know how much I love checking things off my list and I was on a roll a few weeks ago. Well, I got a letter from the company saying that the FBI rejected my fingerprints. So guess what I'm doing today when I get home from my training...Yep, you guessed it, getting my fingerprints done again. I hope they accept them this time and I'll be good to go. So, please say a couple small prayers for me today:
1) My Social Security card is waiting for me in the mailbox today and
2) My new set of fingerprints are accepted by the FBI!!

Thanks guys!!!!


Kelli said...

All those bumps in the road can be so frustrating! Praying for smooth sailing from here on out!

Jaclyn said...

I hate dealing with gov agencies...seems like there is always SOMETHING that they forget to do. Hope it goes smoothly from here on out for you!

twondra said...

Oh how frustrating!! I hope your card was waiting for you and your fingerprints passed this time!!