Jun 6, 2009

Thank you!!!

Hi girls!! You are all so wonderful. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. It was a pretty lousy week, but I got through it with the help of all you! You are all the best "friends" I could ever have. I try to talk with my friends about it, but they don't understand. They try to bless their hearts, but they truly don't understand and will never understand unless they have walked a mile in infertile shoes.

There is a light at the end of my tunnel and it is called SUMMER VACATION!!! :) WOOOO HOOOO!! I'm almost there. Three and a half more days! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Well, I've got to finish up my report cards AND I'm starting something new this year, I'm going to put a note in each child's report card summarizing the year, how they did, what they need to work on, etc. Wish me luck! :) It'll be a LONG weekend!

Thanks again!!!! You all are truly a blessing!!!


Christina said...

Ha! I'm your IRL friend too! Can't wait to see you in a week and I love hearing about the cool stuff you do for your kids. You are setting the bar high. We should also talk about any ideas about what I should be doing with Maria for kindergarten. I feel like I am always so distracted at family gatherings so I WILL make a better effort to talk to you!

Ashley said...

Glad you're feeling better!! YAY for summer vacation!!! I hope you have a great one!!

Mimi said...

Oh how I wish I put down the bad friends and partying and stuck to my education degree. I was on my way to be a teacher and my social life was much more important. Now look at me!!! Well, I'm not a teacher!!! You are so lucky!! Enjoy every minute of summer vacation!!


Meant to be a mom said...

Yay summer vacation. How nice!
I hope you have a fabulous time and de-stress and enjoy every second of it.