Jun 14, 2009

My Poor, Poor Pea

My little Peanut got hurt on Friday. She and Sparty were running around like crazies on Friday while I was in the shower. I could hear them pounding up and down the stairs and running amok. Jesse was in the other bathroom going potty, then I heard my Pea yelp. Jesse said she was fine, she hurt her leg. NO biggie. So I checked her out and it seemed like her leg was hurt.

I went to school, visited a friend who had just had her baby and rushed home to see my poor furbaby. She was not doing well. She came to the stairs and just laid there until I carried her down. She went outside, did her business and then hid behind the end table. This is NOT like my baby because she always wants to be near me and she was hiding. When I found her, I brought her into the living room where I was folding clothes. She was shaking so bad. I called Jess and he told me to take her to the vet if that's what I thought needed to be done.

So, I did. The vet said that he thinks it's just a muscle strain and prescribed an anti-inflammatory and told me to keep giving her the muscle relaxers we had started giving her. SO, that's what I did and then went to watch the Wings. (UGH, they lost!)

She seemed okay. Saturday morning, I gave her the medicine and we left for our family reunion. When we got back late last night, she was awful. She was panting, her nose was on fire and she wouldn't move. I kept telling Jess something was wrong, but he kept telling me there was nothing we could do til morning (it was 2 am.) SO I laid there with Pea between us shaking uncontrollably and panting so bad. She kept breathing these rapid, shallow breaths. I turned on my reading lamp and her eyes were just so desperate. I kept telling her I loved her and in the morning I would make her better. I felt so helpless. I was so afraid we were going to lose her. She just seemed that lethargic and in that much pain.

Finally around 4am, I fell asleep because she did. I took her in a few hours ago and the vet said that he thinks it's her back based on what I told him and what he saw. Nothing showed up on the x-ray though. He gave her some steroids, they are supposed to work better and another medication.

She is sleeping right next to me now and seems a little better. I have to give her the steroid at dinner time, so hopefully this evening or tomorrow she will be feeling even better. The vet said this won't be a permanent thing, but I've never been so scared. She is my little cuddle bud and I love her (and SParty) so darn much. It amazes me how much an animal can be a part of your family.


Amber said...

poor thing. yes our animals are just like little babies. Hope she gets better soon:)

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe poor baby. I hate when my puppies are sick or hurt. I just feel so helpless and they look so sad. I'm glad she's ok though. You were a good mom to her and thats what she needed. Great job.

Christina said...

Oh no! I hope she gets better. I would be so scared too!

Jamie said...

Poor Peanut! We had a dog health scare this weekend, too! We thought our Jackson was very, very sick. Luckily, the machine reading the blood test malfunctioned! Jack has a minor infection that is clearing up with the help of antibiotics. I hope Peanut is back to her normal self soon.