Jan 2, 2009

Up, Up, Up!

There's nowhere but Up from here!! I heard that song the other day and something inside of me snapped. I feel like the last couple months I have been at the lowest I could feel. I wasn't feeling appreciative for things and I was looking at others with jealousy and hurt. I'm done! I'm so sick of feeling that way. I'm looking up. That's the only way to look. Looking back is not what I want to do. Jesse and I have come a long way since we began our adventure. Although 2008 was a year of some pain, when I am looking back, I have found there was a lot more to be thankful for than I first thought!

Jesse left Fin-tini's! That was a HUGE accomplishment. Although it was hard, scary and nerve-racking, it was the only decision for us. Things with the new place are so much better for both of us. Jesse is much happier and healthier. We have a partner that is a true partner through and through. It was a tough decision and Louie's is still building, I know that there is nothing but blue skies ahead of us. It's hard to say this, but I am grateful for Nick and Allan. They have taught us everything we don't want to be. We have learned how strong and determined the two of us are and that we are good people. I wish the best for them and hope they can keep the restaurant going. After all the blood, sweat and tears, it would be a shame to see it go down. I know that Jesse and I are better off, so thanks McDonald's for the experience and thank you even more for letting us go!!

We have been seeing Sandy our nutritionist. She has helped us feel so much better and feels that with all the new things we are doing, when we do get pregnant we will have a healthy pregnancy that will result in a healthy baby. I have faith. I know what we are doing is helping and will allow us to achieve our goal. We have also started acupuncture. Jesse says he knows it is working because he can feel it.

I know with all we are doing 2009 will be the year for us. So, no need to look back, or look down, there's only one way to look...Up!

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Christina said...

Aww! I like that attitude. Stick with it girl!!