Jan 14, 2012

How Ironic

Shortly after Emily came home, Jesse mentioned to me that he wanted to get in shape this year.  It kinda made me laugh...I've been trying to get him to take better care of himself for awhile and now my little peanut is finally making him see.  Hey, I guess whatever it takes!  :0)

He told me that he wanted to run the half marathon that I ran this past April this coming April and asked if I'd help him train.  (He only did the relay this past April.)  Then he dropped the bomb that he wanted to run the Detroit Free Press marathon in October. I just about spit out my drink at those words.  What??  Really?  Okay.  I'll support him, but there's no way I'm doing a marathon.  I'll do another half, but a marathon...come on!

So, Sunday we finally got back to church!  YES!!  Well, we walk in and our friends bombard us with these papers and are going on and on about running a marathon in October.  The church is sponsoring a church-wide group to run the Chicago marathon.  I couldn't help but giggle.  God was reaffirming Jesse's idea.  But not only was he reaffirming it for him, he was making me think- maybe I could do it too?!  Each mile that a person runs (with fundraising) will provide a water for a person in Africa.  Just a little ironic, dontcha think?

The other funny thing was I've been nagging (yes, I admit full fledged, on his butt, nagging) Jesse about drinking pop.  All the sugar and caffeine and crap.  I kept telling him how very bad it was for him.  Well, I got a scale for Christmas from a friend and he weighed himself.  He's down almost 20 pounds.  He's been sick, but 20 pounds?!?  I asked him what he's been doing differently.  At first he said he wasn't sure.  Then he pointed to some pop that we had on the counter when friends came over and he said, "I think not drinking that stuff has helped too!"  I couldn't help but do the told ya so on him for that one!

One more bonus to our special little girl- she's helping Daddy to become healthier!  I think Miss Em and I are making a great duo teaming up on Daddy!  :0)


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Christina said...

LOL! It drives me INSANE when DH drinks non-diet pop. My philosophy isn't the best but if you're going to take in "bad" calories, take it with some substance like chocolate cake :-). Why waste those empty calories on something like pop. And I can't even drink sugar pop anymore - way too sweet!