Jan 12, 2012

Emily Ilene

I just realized that I never posted Emily's name.  She is such a blessing.  We love the little peanut so much!  The day after she was born, Dawn from the agency, kept calling because they needed her name.  Jesse and I couldn't decide.  It was either Emily or Olivia.  We have a friend with a daughter named Olivia and I have always LOVED Emily.  (Sparty's name at the rescue before we brought her home was Emily, but I was adamant about changing it because I loved the name!  Who knew!)  So, finally, after agonizing about it, we decided on Emily.  I was so afraid of naming her.  After we said it, there was no going back!  That was a lot of pressure.

As for Ilene, those of you who have been following our journey, know that we lost a dear family friend the weekend before we got the call that we were matched with Miss Em.  We both felt that Trish had something to do with us being matched, but neither of us liked the name Patricia...(we worked with a Patricia when we were dating that drove us both INSANE!)  Trish didn't seem the right name, but then we remembered that Trish's middle name was Ilene.  That's when we knew- Emily Ilene.


Things have been going well over here.  Jesse got sick and Emily's been a little fussy the past few days.  I really hope she isn't catching what he had.

I'm dreading January 25th.  That's back to work day!  I never thought I'd not want to go back.  I always thought I'd need to work, but after being home these past few weeks, I'm dreading going back.  I can't imagine leaving this little girl!  I'm so sad about it.  The only thing getting me through is that I know Winter break is a few weeks after I go back.  Then we have Easter break.  By the time we get back from that, we will be on the down slide of the year.  Please pray for me...I'm really struggling.

Next Friday is the court date.  I'm getting anxious and hoping that everything goes as expected.  It's pretty nerve-wrecking!  We are so in love with this little girl and can't imagine our lives without her!  We are just praying for God to take control and allow us to trust in Him!



Jess said...

I love her name! And she is just adorable. I can't believe how much hair she has!!!

Lara said...

H name is beautiful. I never thought I could ever even consider being a stay at home mom. After Leland was born I kept thinking, I don't think I could be a "stay at home mom" but I could stay home everyday with Leland. In some ways the dreading going back to work was almost worse than the actually going back. I still have days when I think about him midday and just want to burst into tears. Once you get into a routine it gets easier. My best advice is don't overplan weekends. Save them for free time to play and snuggle. Praying for your upcoming court date.

twondra said...

It warms my heart so much to see you posting about your DAUGHTER! :) It's amazing, isn't it? I love her name. :)

Stacey said...

It's a beautiful name, truly! For years Emily was the name I thought I'd give my daughter. Then when she was finally on her way the Lord changed it to Lily. At any rate, I'll always think the name Emily is lovely! Love that her middle name is special to you, too.

Your dreaded Jan 25 is my birthday. I'm kinda dreading it too, secretly, but it'll help me remember to pray for you on that day and also on the 20th.
I'm still so happy for your family and this sweet, beautiful miracle!