Nov 24, 2010


So as I wake up on this day before Thanksgiving, I had one of the best dreams ever!  I had a dream that we were blessed with the miracle of twins!  I don't remember how it happened, but I was there holding my boy and girl in my arms.

That don't remembering part has me thinking as I type it.  Really, does it REALLY matter how my babies get to me?!  The longer we're traveling this journey, the more and more it really doesn't matter to me!  All I want is to be a Mommy.  Have my baby(ies) here with us where they belong.  Until that day comes, I'll just pray and dream about them!  One day they will make it home!!  I will be one excited Mommy when that happens.

As weird as it sounds I am thankful for my infertility.  I hear so many friends that say that they don't appreciate their children and take their ability to have a family and be a Mommy for granted.  When I become a Mom, I will cherish EVERYTHING!  It will ALL be a gift...the good and the bad.  Without my infertility I would probably fall into the category with my friends.

I really have a lot to be thankful for.  We have such an amazing support system of family and friends, it truly humbles me.  The fundraiser was a success and a total BLAST!  I will post pictures later.  We are still amazed by the outpouring of love and support.  Our baby better be ready for all the love  he/she will experience when they finally come home!  There are MANY people waiting for him/her and will be pouring all their love.  Hurry home, little one, hurry home!!


Jenny H said...

How precious... hold on to those dreams. They will one day become a reality. And your right... I am thankful for my infertility too... I have been the happiest pg lady you have ever met! (unlike my friends with swelling legs and horrible fatigue blah blah blah) I loved the faigue! Bring it all on.. this momma is soaking in EVERY moment as you will too!
My brother and SIL have 2 beautiful adpoted girls and my SIL didn't care how she got them and neither did we. I look at them now at 9 and 4 and can't imagine life w/o them!
Blessings to you are your soon coming babies! It WILL happen!
Jenny H

Jenny and Brett said...

First I wanted to thank you for the words you shared on my blog...
I can totally relate to being grateful for my infertility. I LOVE my kids with every fiber in my body. I can't imaging my life without them! If I hadn't been inferitle, I would have never adopted them. And without adoption, they wouldn't be mine. I know I appreciate motherhood more because of everything I have had to go through.

Christina said...

One thing I don't cherish - poop. There's been too many poop incidents lately. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sentiment. I agree about feeling that you will find every moment so wonderful and not take anything for granted.

Your positivity is a real inspiration, and I hope your baby or babies come to you soon.