Jan 16, 2010

We Made the First of Many Steps!

So...we went to the adoption meeting at Bethany on Tuesday. It was much more emotional than I expected. I think for so long I've been a research queen. Finding out information on everyone else's adoption journey, what adoption entails, what to expect, what to ask...the list goes on and on and on. However, Tuesday wasn't about reading about other's lives, it was about experiencing our first step.

There were about 15 other couples there. Many a few years older than us, but there were a few couples around about our age. I couldn't help but look at the others with a little sort of competition, thinking we could be "competing" for the same child. I then tried to hurry that thought out of my mind as fast as it came in, but I honestly couldn't help it.

The meeting began with a lot of the information I already knew because of all my research. However, I did learn that after the birth in my county, there is the dreaded 3-5 week waiting period until you go to court to have the birthmother relinquish all rights. That's a long time!!! That scared the living daylights out of me.

We watched a video that the birthmothers see and that was emotional. They had a few young birthmoms and one birthfather share how hard the hospital stay was. All I could think watching that video was those people are truly the most unselfish and loving people! All I could think was pregnancy and having a baby are the only things I want more in this life and here they are experiencing it and making an adoption plan for their baby because they want only the best for them! Whew! Those are some amazing people.

The ending was the most emotional. They played this song! Let me give you some backstory. The man who wrote and sings this song, Mark Schultz, was adopted. A woman asked him once what he would say if he ever met his birthmom. He said he would have nothing to say to her because she gave him up. The woman then told him that his birthmom had 3 choices when she found out she was pregnant...1) abort him, 2) carry him and keep him, knowing full well he wouldn't have the life he deserved or 3) make an adoption plan, give him to a family that could provide for him and do the most unselfish thing she could ever imagine.

This song is about if he were to meet his birthmom and how he would thank her and what he would say to her. I bawled watching this. See if you can make it without tears...

We now know we will be going through Bethany, but they offered us one more option we are considering. Embryo adoption. I am in the process of doing what I do best...RESEARCH! But we know now we are on the path to adoption, we just haven't decided if we will be doing domestic infant or embryo adoption. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for all your support and encouragement, it means the world!


Courtney said...

I'm so glad that meeting went well! I'm praying for you and this new journey!

Christina said...

I kept meaning to send you a note about the meeting. Sounds like a good one!! So excited for you! It sounds like it really reinforced the confidence in your decision. Love!! Christina

Kelli said...

We are going to our information meeting with Bethany on February 13th!! YAY!

Dagny said...

*thumbs up*

I'm so glad it went well. :)


Amber said...

so glad to hear the meeting went well. I know our 2nd child will be adopted and we will also use Bethany

Hillary said...

I am so thankful the meeting went well, although I can imagine how crazy emotional that would be. We had some friends who used Bethany. I pray God blesses you with peace and joy as you embark on this journey!

Also, keep us posted about what you find out/ decide about embryo adoption. I don't know much about it but am curious.


Stacey said...

I really like Mark Schultz, but I never even knew his story. Wow!

Best wishes to you as you pursue your dream! I'm so excited for you!

kanishk said...

So excited for you! It sounds like it really reinforced

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