Jun 8, 2008


Well, Jesse is no longer with Fin-tini's. It is a great relief, but also a big scare at times. I feel bad for him because I know this was his dream. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for us. I don't think he was ever viewed as a partner by them. I feel and will always feel they used him, got what they wanted out of him and had NO intention of EVER giving him any profit share. They are crooks by my book. But it's not going to break us down. We are strong, smart and nice people. Good things will come to us. We have been blessed and I know with all my heart and soul this is the best thing for us. I know that we needed this to take the next step in our relationship to start a family and I'm not going to feel bad for anyone else. My husband is my number one and it has killed me to see him miss out on things like family Christmases, weddings and many other family and friend gatherings because of his job. I am very scared to take this scary plunge, but I know this all we needed to make our lives what we've always dreamed!

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Christina said...

My parents told me yesterday! I am so sorry it didn't work out. But, I bet it was a GREAT experience for him and he learned a lot. Especially about the business side of things. I am so mad that he got taken advantage of. i know he put his heart and soul into it (as would anyone in this situation). You guys are in my prayers that something else will come along that is way better. While at the time it happens, it doesn't seem ideal but then when you look back, you're like "I am so glad that didn't work out because if it did, I would not being doing this way better thing that I'm doing now". I know this will happen for you guys too! HUGS!! Thanks for playing with Maria this weekend too. I know she loved it! TTYL!